Are you looking for some new artists to add to your playlist? Well, this list is for you. Today we’ll have a look at 4 underground artists that you need to check out! You might have heard of some of them, but the point of this article to give shine to artists who sometimes get slept on.

1) The Doppelgangaz

This Orange County, NY rapper/producer duo started their label in 2010, and since they’ve been creating gritty, original boom bap music. The Doppelgangaz always come with deadly production and slick, mysterious lyrics that vibe well with the cloaks they rock. If you don’t know them by now, you probably should!

Note: Some of their tracks/EPs are instrumentals perfect for freestyling over.

Watch “Barbiturates” by The Doppelgangaz on YouTube

Stream “Barbiturates” by The Doppelgangaz on Spotify

2) Myke Bogan

Portland/LA MC Myke Bogan is one hundred percent worth a listen. Based on his catalogue he is a fairly versatile rapper with a consistently ill flow and clever word play. His favourite songs of mine are about feel good vibes and keeping it real, but he has a little bit of something for pretty much everyone in my opinion.

Watch “Pickathon” by Myke Bogan on Youtube

Stream “Pickathon” by Myke Bogan on Spotify


Gainesville, FL rap group CYNE pen refreshingly intellectual lyrics over beautiful (sometimes grimy) production. The name CYNE is an acronym for “Cultivating Your New Experience” and that they certainly do. The group originally consisted of MCs Akin Yai and Cise Starr blessing producion from Speck and Enoch. Akin left the group in 2017 to focus on solo music, but all four members are still just as sharp as ever!

Watch “Steady” by CYNE on Youtube

Stream “Steady” by CYNE on Spotify

4) Locksmith

Richmond, CA native MC Locksmith has been making waves for a minute! I first heard him completely murdering the 5 fingers of death freestyle on Sway in the morning. This dude is quite literally the definition of consistent. Locksmith often always has clever rhymes that are often very though provoking. If you don’t check this heat out then you’re really sleeping.

Watch “Ramp Up” by Locksmith on Youtube

Stream “Ramp Up” by Locksmith on Spotify

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