1) Play their music.

This is number one on our list because it’s the most obvious way to support your favourite artists. Playing their music is a great way to help an artist whether you stream it on Spotify or watch some music videos on YouTube. Listening to music created by an artist you like is the best way to show support.

2) Follow them on streaming services.

If you follow an artist on a streaming service it boosts their discoverability. They will appear quicker in searches and more often as in-app recommendations. Another bonus of following an artist is that when they release new material it appears on your feed on the streaming service.

3) Share, share, share!

Okay, so the last two on the list technically required you to have a streaming subscription, but this one is 100% free! Sharing pretty much any content the artist puts out will be helpful. You can share their album, social media posts, their YouTube channel, their website, or anything else like that they have online.

4) Recommend their music to friends.

If you think your friend would like a particular artist let them know! You may end up helping that artist gain a lifelong fan. Also, everyone loves a person that shows them awesome music? We know we do.

5) Write reviews and ratings.

If you have listened to an song/album a lot or have bought it in the past you can review it. Giving it a good review and/or rating on Amazon and iTunes will persuade more people to buy it. RateYourMusic and MetaCritic are two more websites where listeners can rate music they like.

6) Tell friends about their concert.

Are you too broke to go to the concert? Or maybe you already your had tickets? In either case, it doesn’t hurt to let your friends and family know about the show. Playing at gigs is one of the best money makers for performing artists and for smaller musicians is the best one.

7) Follow them on social media (and engage their posts).

Social media tends to have a snowball effect. The more people who share, like and comment on a post, the more people will see it. So following your favourite artists and engaging their posts can help expose them to a new audience.

8) Sign up for their Newsletter.

This is one of the most effective ways for artists to reach their fan-base directly. Newsletters are used to keep fans up to date on upcoming shows, new music, merch sales or any other important info they need. Some newsletters even have bonus content or discounts for fans who subscribe.

While we’re on the topic of saving cash, check out this throwback track by Shad about just that.

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