DJ 001 is a producer/DJ from Flagstaff, AZ with an impressive resume. Some of his notable collabs are with the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Cunninlynguists, Living Legends; Grouch & Eligh, and C-Rayz Walz just to name a few. On State of Mynd Mixtape, DJ 001 enlists the help of MC Sam Roberts in order to create a diverse cinematic soundscape.

Although the intro does feel a little bit draggy, afterwards the rest of the tape features nothing but slick DJ cuts, a crazy range of samples from boom-bap to trap to EDM, and metronome-steady flows from Sam Roberts. The rapping on this project is also nothing to sleep on.

Check out State of Mynd Mixtape at the links below.

Watch DJ 001’s “State Of Mynd Mixtape” on Youtube.
Stream DJ 001’s “State Of Mynd Mixtape” on Spotify.

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